Long Cane Trails, LLC is a Carolina based trail building company specializing in trail layout, design and construction of multi-use trails intended for hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians.  Trails are built with long term sustainability in mind while ensuring user enjoyment in the flow of the trail.  Focusing on erosion control and proper drainage through the use of rolling grade dips, rock armoring, and raised tread surfaces, Long Cane Trails limits the impact on the natural environment as much as possible. A fine balance between machines and hand tools creates sustainable and fun trails. 

Experts in trail planning, design, construction, and maintenance,   Long Cane Trails works with government, non-profit, and private entities to craft quality trail projects and has experience building trails in a variety of terrain having worked in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Maryland, Oregon, Guatemala and Costa Rica. 

We are available for consultation on a variety of levels to suit your needs from early planning to layout/design to full construction.

Long Cane Trails is a proud member of the Professional Trailbuilders Association since 2003.



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