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Charolette Latin School Phase 2
Charlotte, North Carolina - January 2019
1/2 mile connector.
Private Property
Westminster, South Carolina - January 2019
1.2 miles walking trails.
Design for 3 private properties
Brevard, North Carolina - October 2018
Layout and design for trails on 3 private properties.
Private Property – Phase II
Pisgah Forest, North Carolina - June 2018
1.5 mile walking trail
Private Property
Rosman, North Carolina - June 2018
1/2 mile walking trail Rosman NC Owner wanted to see the top of the Ridge he owned. Dreams do come...
Hitchcock Woods
Aiken, South Carolina - May 2018
1 mile new trail at Hitchcock Woods. This place is heaven on earth for equestrians. Sand and clay make the...
Private Property
Lake Toxaway, North Carolina - May 2018
Clear trails for owner.
Sky Valley Camp for Girls
Clyde, North Carolina - May 2018
Clear trail system.
Charlotte Latin School
Charlotte, North Carolina - April 2018
Reworking old cross country loop. Added a 1/2 mile new trails on campus. Linking the campus via trails.
Anne Springs Close Greenway- Phase 4
Fort Mill, South Carolina - January 2018
4 miles new mountain bike trail.
Camp Highlander
Mills River, North Carolina - January 2018
Just over a mile of horse back / biking trails.
Augusta, Georgia - January 2018
Rework completed. Making good trails better!
Silvermont Mansion
Brevard, North Carolina - October 2017
Annual compaction of trail.
Edgefield, South Carolina - September 2017
Reworking a decade old classics! 10 years of traffic and weather has gotten the best of some areas. Deberming and...
Anne Springs Close Greenway Phase 3
Fort Mill, South Carolina - September 2017
2.5 miles new hiking trails and 2 miles of mountain bike trails.
Private Property in Lake Toxaway
Lake Toxaway, North Carolina - July 2017
Clearing/cleaning off 5.8 miles of trails built in the last 5 years. Nature is too much for most private trail...
Falling Creek Camp
Tuxedo, North Carolina - June 2017
Roots on flat trails at Falling Creek Camp had gotten too much for kids 6 and under to clear. By...
Pisgah Forest Private Property
Pisgah Forest, North Carolina - June 2017
Created a 1 mile hiking trail around the home.
Silvermont Mansion Centennial Festival
Brevard, North Carolina - May 2017
Clean-up of ADA Trail for Centennial Festival in May.
Sky Valley Camp for Girls
Clyde, North Carolina - May 2017
Building 1/2 mile new hiking/horse trails and cleaning up 1/2 mile trail for summer camp.
Wine Creek MTB Trail
McCormick, South Carolina - May 2017
Rerouted trail that washed in creek. Created 1.6 miles of new trail.
Anne Springs Close Greenway Phase II
Rock Hill, South Carolina - February 2017
3.5 miles of new trail and 1.5 miles of reworking older trails. These hiking/biking/horse trails have added a more sustainable...
Latta Park
Charlotte, North Carolina - December 2016
Layout and design of stairs to replace social trails formed over the years. These pictures show WHERE people want to...
Anne Springs Close Greenway
Fort Mill, South Carolina - October 2016
Master Trail Plan- layout of 12 miles of new trail
Silvermont Mansion
Brevard, North Carolina - September 2016
Water control features added to Silvermont Trails. Designed two water management areas to stop sheeting water from a new playground and...
Allison Deavor House
Pisgah Forest, North Carolina - September 2016
1/2 mile design and build of new trail at Transylvania County's first home. A mix of mulched tread and natural...
Skyland Camp for Girls
Clyde, North Carolina - June 2016
1/2 mile design and build. Trail was designed for horses along a stream.
Private Property
Hendersonville, North Carolina - April 2016
1 mile design and build new hiking trail including an outdoor yoga platform. The one mile trail looped the house!
Pilot Cove Camp Ground
Pisgah Forest, North Carolina - January 2016
Design I mile of flow track with wooden berm
Camp Mondamin
Tuxedo, North Carolina - December 2015
7 mile master plan for Camp Mondamin, build 3.5 miles of new trail.
Private Property – Phase V
Lake Toxaway, North Carolina - September 2015
3 miles new trail on Private property for hiking and mountain biking. Blue Trail - Hard trail to build due to...
Lake James State Park
Marion, North Carolina - September 2015
3/4 miles of new hiking trail came with a rare flip!  Custom drive pin was made to get through last...
Silvermont Mansion
Brevard, North Carolina - July 2015
ADA trail extended to new ADA comparable playground.
Falling Creek Camp
Tuxedo, North Carolina - March 2015
1/2 mile new trail in 2015, 2 miles new trail in old apple orchard in 2016.
Uwharrie National Forest – Phase II
Troy, North Carolina - February 2014
Maintenance and rework of 0.6 mile on Josh Trail horse/hiking/biking trail.
Silvermont Mansion
Brevard, North Carolina - January 2014
Layout & design of 1/2 mile ADA trail.
Uwharrie National Forest – Phase I
Troy, North Carolina - December 2013
Private Property – Phase IV
Transylvania County, North Carolina - October 2013
3 miles new trail - Black Trail - Hand built 0.6 mile of trail on top of rock bald allowing...
Private Property – Phase III
Transylvania County, North Carolina - August 2013
Red Trail - Construction of 1.84 miles of trail, 1.3 miles of which was a hand built trail with 400...
Private Property – Phase II
Transylvania County, North Carolina - June 2013
Yellow Trail - Construction of 1.12 miles of ATV friendly trail with several boardwalks and bridges.
Gateway Properties
Old Fort, North Carolina - May 2013
Layout & Design of trail system in residential neighborhood.
Dupont State Forest – Phase III
Cedar Mountain, North Carolina - March 2013
Construction of Turkey Knob Extension and Grassy Meadow Reroute.
Private Property – Phase I
Transylvania County, North Carolina - March 2013
Orange & Purple Trails - 2.14 miles of machine built Mountain Bike & Hiking trail with several bridge installations.
Falling Creek Camp – Phase V
Zirconia, North Carolina - February 2013
Layout, Design and Construction of 2.4 miles of trail.
Payne’s Creek
Hartwell, Georgia - February 2013
Construction of 2 additional miles of trail.
Dupont State Forest – Phase II
Cedar Mountain, North Carolina - January 2013
Construction of High Falls Extension and Triple Falls Shortcut Trails. Consisted of ADA compliant raised limestone tread.
Falling Creek Camp – Phase IV
Zirconia, North Carolina - December 2012
Layout, Design and Construction of 1/2 mile of raised tread surface contouring the lake at the center of camp. Raised...
Quellin Subdivision
Waxhaw, North Carolina - October 2012
Layout and design of 1.5 miles of neighborhood trails connecting to school.
Lake James State Park
Lake James, North Carolina - June 2012
Construction of 2 miles of beginner mountain bike trail.
Bracken Mountain Preserve – Phase II
Brevard, North Carolina - March 2012
Construction of 8 miles of trail, creating two small inner loops and a connector trail to Pisgah National Forest. This...
At the Ridge
Balsam Grove, North Carolina - February 2012
Layout and design ONLY. Master Plan consisting of 2.5 miles of cross country style trail (to include wooden features such...
Sumter National Forest
Union, South Carolina - January 2012
Layout and design of 38 miles of trail.
Camp Merri-Mac
Black Mountain, North Carolina - December 2011
Layout, design and construction of 2.25 miles of beginner mountain bike and hiking trail.
Camp Arrowhead
Tuxedo, North Carolina - November 2011
Layout, design and construction of 1/2 mile of trail.
Falling Creek Camp – Phase III
Zirconia, North Carolina - October 2011
Layout and construction of 2 more miles of intermediate mountain bike trail.
Bracken Mountain Preserve – Phase I
Brevard, North Carolina - August 2011
We worked with the City of Brevard to help layout 8 miles of trail that will connect downtown with Pisgah...
Buncombe Horse Trail
Clinton, South Carolina - July 2011
Construction of 3600' of equine trail.
Private Property
Charlotte, North Carolina - May 2011
Layout, Design and Construction of 1 mile of trail in residential garden setting.
Osa Mountain Village
Costa Rica, - May 2011
Layout and Design of 5 miles of trail in dense jungle in southern region of Costa Rica.
Dupont State Forest – Phase I
Cedar Mountain, North Carolina - February 2011
Construction of 4 miles of trail. Rework of Micajah, Pitch Pine and Pine Tree trails. New construction of Cascade and...
Payne’s Creek
Hartwell, Georgia - December 2010
Hybrid Project. Assisted U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in layout and design. Full machine construction of 7 miles of trail....
Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College
Asheville, North Carolina - November 2010
Layout of 1 mile of trail on Enka-Candler campus.
Morgan Falls
Sandy Springs, Georgia - June 2010
Layout, Design and Construction of 1 mile of trail.
Falling Creek Camp for Boys – Phase II
Zirconia, North Carolina - March 2010
Layout, Design and Construction of 3 miles of beginner mountain bike trail.
Aska Trail System
Blue Ridge, Georgia - January 2010
The Aska Trails Area is a 17-mile hiking-mountain biking trail system in the National Forest near Deep Gap on Aska...
Falling Creek Camp for Boys – Phase I
Zirconia, North Carolina - May 2009
Layout, Design and Construction of 1 mile of trail connecting to existing trail. Beginner to intermediate rated mountain bike trail.
El Zur
Antigua, Guatemala, - April 2009
Layout and Design of 8 miles of trail. Construction of 3 miles of trail.
Ashmore Heritage Preserve
Cleveland, South Carolina - September 2008
Construction of 3 miles of new tread.
Allegrippis Trail System
Raystown Lake, Pennsylvania - May 2008
Construction of 5 miles of trail.
Sope Creek
Atlanta, Georgia - December 2007
Layout and Design of 6 miles of trail. Constructed 3 miles of laid out trail.
Keowee-Toxaway State Natural Area
Sunset, South Carolina - December 2007
One half mile of new construction on beginning of Natural Bridge Trail. Reconstruction of existing trail installing a huge 6x6...
Musgrove Mill State Historic Site
Clinton, South Carolina - October 2007
New construction of three miles of trail with several 8x8 and 10x10 step sections and two cool bridges.
Crowders Mountain State Park
Gastonia, North Carolina - September 2007
Caesars Head State Park
Cleveland, South Carolina - August 2007
Reconstruction of existing Naturaland Trust Trail. Installation of locust staircase, raised rock causeway, and locust cribbing.
Hamilton Creek State Park
Nashville, Tennessee - April 2007
Redesign of existing trail system including plans for new skills course and downhill loop with large drops.
Post Canyon
Hood River, Oregon - April 2007
Construction reroute of 1 mile of trail. Safely directed riders and hikers to the parking lot instead of shooting them...
Forks Area Trail System (F.A.T.S.) – Phase II
Edgefield, South Carolina - February 2007
Additional 12 miles built consisting of two northern trails- Big Rock (4 m) and Tower (3.8 m). Nestled in the...
Alexander Mountain Bike Park
Asheville, North Carolina - December 2006
Construction of 4 miles of new trail with rolling hills allowing for plenty of jumps and short, grunt uphill sections....
Forks Area Trail System (F.A.T.S.) – Phase I
Edgefield, South Carolina - September 2005
25 Miles of trails with swooping turns and rolling hills through hardwood and pine forest of Sumter National Forest. Accessibility...
Anne Springs Close Greenway
Fort Mill, South Carolina - September 2004
Just outside metropolitan Charlotte, NC sits the Anne Springs Close Greenway, a 25 mile trail system with separate trails for...
Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail
Gaffney, South Carolina - August 2004
Along the shores of Lake Whelchel and Cherokee Creek in Gaffney, LCT constructed the first purpose built section of the...
Sumter National Forest
Edgefield, McCormick and Greenwood County, South Carolina - June 2004
LCT has taken on three different projects of various scopes in the Long Cane District of Sumter National Forest. The...
Hickory Knob State Park
McCormick, South Carolina - March 2004
Hickory Knob State Park is where LCT truly cut its teeth. Here, LCT worked with Tony Boone of Arrowhead Trails...
Baker Creek State Park
McCormick, South Carolina - May 2002
Baker Creek State Park was the first construction project undertaken by LCT. Here we took the principles learned from Tony...

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