Elite Neighborhood in Asheville, NC
Asheville, North Carolina - May 2024
1.2 miles of compacted gravel surface now makes a loop around this prior unused green space in an elite neighborhood...
Valdese Lakeside Park
Valdese, North Carolina - May 2024
4 miles of new mountain biking and hiking trails are about to open at Valdese Lakeside Park!  With the efforts...
Duke Energy – Design Phase
Mooresville, North Carolina - January 2024
3/4 mile walking trail design for Duke Energy Corporation. This trail will be bringing a chance to get under the...
Duke Energy Corp – Design Phase
Catawba, North Carolina - January 2024
1/4 mile hiking trail designed for Duke Energy Corporation. This trail will be used to access a river put in...
Goose Creek
Goose Creek, South Carolina - September 2023
3 day trail training with Environmental Conservation Corps at The Sustainability Institute. The training included using GPS tools to map...
Spartanburg, South Carolina - May 2022
Our 8 month project comes to an end. What a cool project for a cutting edge company! A 2.5 mile...
Beaver Lake – Phase III
Asheville, North Carolina - February 2021
A 20 and a 25 foot bridge installed on the Beaver Lake trails. This now makes the loop mud free!
Beaver Lake – Phase II
Asheville, North Carolina - December 2020
Raised tread natural surface trail completed just in time for Christmas in Asheville NC on the popular Beaver Lake walking...
Beaver Lake – Crib Wall
Asheville, North Carolina - June 2020
Crib wall using rock harvested from lake.
Jackson Park
Hendersonville, North Carolina - June 2020
Rework on holes 4-10 on the Frisbee golf course. Main goal was to link users from the tee box to...
Beaver Lake – Phase I
Asheville, North Carolina - April 2020
Public walking trail with 2,000 feet of hardened trail. Widened two ares where old trail was creeping into private property....
Hendrick Motor Sports
Concord, North Carolina - August 2019
Designed and built 1 mile of ADA trail and natural surface trail.
Hitchcock Woods
Aiken, South Carolina - May 2018
1 mile new trail at Hitchcock Woods. This place is heaven on earth for equestrians. Sand and clay make the...
Anne Springs Close Greenway – Phase IV
Fort Mill, South Carolina - January 2018
4 miles new mountain bike trail.
Silvermont Mansion – Phase IV
Brevard, North Carolina - October 2017
Annual compaction of trail.
Anne Springs Close Greenway – Phase III
Fort Mill, South Carolina - September 2017
2.5 miles new hiking trails and 2 miles of mountain bike trails.
Silvermont Mansion Centennial Festival
Brevard, North Carolina - May 2017
Clean-up of ADA Trail for Centennial Festival in May.
Wine Creek MTB Trail
McCormick, South Carolina - May 2017
Rerouted trail that washed in creek. Created 1.6 miles of new trail.
Anne Springs Close Greenway – Phase II
Fort Mill, South Carolina - February 2017
3.5 miles of new trail and 1.5 miles of reworking older trails. These hiking/biking/horse trails have added a more sustainable...
Latta Park
Charlotte, North Carolina - December 2016
Layout and design of stairs to replace social trails formed over the years. These pictures show WHERE people want to...
Anne Springs Close Greenway – Phase I
Fort Mill, South Carolina - October 2016
Master Trail Plan- layout of 12 miles of new trail
Silvermont Mansion – Phase III
Brevard, North Carolina - September 2016
Water control features added to Silvermont Trails. Designed two water management areas to stop sheeting water from a new playground and...
Allison Deavor House
Pisgah Forest, North Carolina - September 2016
1/2 mile design and build of new trail at Transylvania County's first home. A mix of mulched tread and natural...
Silvermont Mansion – Phase II
Brevard, North Carolina - July 2015
ADA trail extended to new ADA comparable playground.
Silvermont Mansion – Phase I
Brevard, North Carolina - January 2014
Layout & design of 1/2 mile ADA trail.
Gateway Properties
Old Fort, North Carolina - May 2013
Layout & Design of trail system in residential neighborhood.
Bracken Mountain Preserve – Phase II
Brevard, North Carolina - March 2012
Construction of 8 miles of trail, creating two small inner loops and a connector trail to Pisgah National Forest. This...
Bracken Mountain Preserve – Phase I
Brevard, North Carolina - August 2011
We worked with the City of Brevard to help layout 8 miles of trail that will connect downtown with Pisgah...
Sope Creek
Atlanta, Georgia - December 2007
Layout and Design of 6 miles of trail. Constructed 3 miles of laid out trail.
Post Canyon
Hood River, Oregon - April 2007
Construction reroute of 1 mile of trail. Safely directed riders and hikers to the parking lot instead of shooting them...
Alexander Mountain Bike Park
Asheville, North Carolina - December 2006
Construction of 4 miles of new trail with rolling hills allowing for plenty of jumps and short, grunt uphill sections....
Anne Springs Close Greenway
Fort Mill, South Carolina - September 2004
Just outside metropolitan Charlotte, NC sits the Anne Springs Close Greenway, a 25 mile trail system with separate trails for...