Haywood Community College – Phase III
Clyde, North Carolina - March 2023
Phase 3 at Haywood Community College is complete! Almost 4 miles of trail now are wrapped within this beautiful campus...
Haywood Community College – Phase II
Clyde, North Carolina - September 2022
Part of bringing a new trail system to Haywood Community College involved building new trails to connect old trails they...
Haywood Community College – Phase I
Clyde, North Carolina - March 2022
Phase one at Haywood Community College is complete. We connected their current gravel trail system to make a loop. With...
Southern Wesleyan University – Phase IV
Central, South Carolina - January 2021
1/4 mile flow track trail with ride options. Designed to prepare riders for what they might encounter out on the...
Southern Wesleyan University – Phase III
Westminster, South Carolina - August 2020
Connector trail of 1000 feet at Southern Wesleyan University. This new trail connects the original trails around the new parking...
The Learning School of Asheville
Asheville, North Carolina - February 2020
2.2 miles designed for kids to ride MTBs on.
Southern Wesleyan University – Phase II
Westminster, South Carolina - January 2020
Design & build in central SC, 3 miles of trail for NICA events.
Southern Wesleyan University – Phase I
Westminster, South Carolina - March 2019
Designed and built 3.2 miles of trail.
Charlotte Latin School – Phase II
Charlotte, North Carolina - January 2019
1/2 mile connector.
Charlotte Latin School – Phase III
Charlotte, North Carolina - January 2019
Cross Country running course, designed and built on a 1/4 mile reroute due to construction.
Charlotte Latin School – Phase I
Charlotte, North Carolina - April 2018
Reworking old cross country loop. Added a 1/2 mile new trails on campus. Linking the campus via trails.
Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College
Asheville, North Carolina - November 2010
Layout of 1 mile of trail on Enka-Candler campus.