Private Property
Canton, North Carolina - March 2019
Designed and built 1 mile
Private Property
Cashiers, North Carolina - March 2019
Designed and built 3 miles
Private Property
Bristol, Tennessee - March 2019
Designed and built 2.3 miles.
Private Property
Lake Toxaway, North Carolina - May 2019
Spring maintenance on 5 miles of trails on private property.
Private Property
Westminster, South Carolina - January 2019
1.2 miles walking trails.
Design for 3 private properties
Brevard, North Carolina - October 2018
Layout and design for trails on 3 private properties.
Private Property – Phase II
Pisgah Forest, North Carolina - June 2018
1.5 mile walking trail
Private Property
Rosman, North Carolina - June 2018
1/2 mile walking trail Rosman NC Owner wanted to see the top of the Ridge he owned. Dreams do come...
Private Property
Lake Toxaway, North Carolina - May 2018
Clear trails for owner.
Pisgah Forest Private Property
Pisgah Forest, North Carolina - June 2017
Created a 1 mile hiking trail around the home.
Private Property in Lake Toxaway
Lake Toxaway, North Carolina - July 2017
Clearing/cleaning off 5.8 miles of trails built in the last 5 years. Nature is too much for most private trail...
Private Property
Hendersonville, North Carolina - April 2016
1 mile design and build new hiking trail including an outdoor yoga platform. The one mile trail looped the house!
Private Property – Phase V
Lake Toxaway, North Carolina - September 2015
3 miles new trail on Private property for hiking and mountain biking. Blue Trail - Hard trail to build due to...
Private Property – Phase IV
Transylvania County, North Carolina - October 2013
3 miles new trail - Black Trail - Hand built 0.6 mile of trail on top of rock bald allowing...
Private Property – Phase III
Transylvania County, North Carolina - August 2013
Red Trail - Construction of 1.84 miles of trail, 1.3 miles of which was a hand built trail with 400...
At the Ridge
Balsam Grove, North Carolina - February 2012
Layout and design ONLY. Master Plan consisting of 2.5 miles of cross country style trail (to include wooden features such...
Private Property
Charlotte, North Carolina - May 2011
Layout, Design and Construction of 1 mile of trail in residential garden setting.
Private Property – Phase I
Transylvania County, North Carolina - March 2013
Orange & Purple Trails - 2.14 miles of machine built Mountain Bike & Hiking trail with several bridge installations.
Private Property – Phase II
Transylvania County, North Carolina - June 2013
Yellow Trail - Construction of 1.12 miles of ATV friendly trail with several boardwalks and bridges.