Silvermont Mansion – Phase IV
Brevard, North Carolina - October 2017
Annual compaction of trail.
Forks Area Trail System (F.A.T.S.) – Phase III
Edgefield, South Carolina - September 2017
Reworking a decade old classics! 10 years of traffic and weather has gotten the best of some areas. Deberming and...
Anne Springs Close Greenway – Phase III
Fort Mill, South Carolina - September 2017
2.5 miles new hiking trails and 2 miles of mountain bike trails.
Private Property in Lake Toxaway
Lake Toxaway, North Carolina - July 2017
Clearing/cleaning off 5.8 miles of trails built in the last 5 years. Nature is too much for most private trail...
Falling Creek Camp for Boys – Phase VII
Tuxedo, North Carolina - June 2017
Roots on flat trails at Falling Creek Camp had gotten too much for kids 6 and under to clear. By...
Pisgah Forest Private Property
Pisgah Forest, North Carolina - June 2017
Created a 1 mile hiking trail around the home.
Silvermont Mansion Centennial Festival
Brevard, North Carolina - May 2017
Clean-up of ADA Trail for Centennial Festival in May.
Wine Creek MTB Trail
McCormick, South Carolina - May 2017
Rerouted trail that washed in creek. Created 1.6 miles of new trail.
Skyland Camp for Girls – Phase II
Clyde, North Carolina - May 2017
Building 1/2 mile new hiking/horse trails and cleaning up 1/2 mile trail for summer camp.
Anne Springs Close Greenway – Phase II
Fort Mill, South Carolina - February 2017
3.5 miles of new trail and 1.5 miles of reworking older trails. These hiking/biking/horse trails have added a more sustainable...