Hickory Knob State Park

McCormick, South Carolina
March 2004 - August 2004

Hickory Knob State Park is where LCT truly cut its teeth. Here, LCT worked with Tony Boone of Arrowhead Trails to design a trail system within the park. The trail consisted of various sections targeting different ability levels of off road cycling. The Lakeview Loop was a seven mile trail, consisting of 6 mile of trail for serious riders near the lake and another mile of easy trail, built entirely by hand over a six month span. This trail winds its way onto a dozen fingers stretching out into Lake Thurmond. The next two trails built at Hickory Knob State Park were built using the Toro Dingo. The Beaver Run Trail built was an easy 2.5 mile path that connects the lodge to the pro shops and skeet range. The Turkey Ridge Loop is accessible from the Lakeview Loop, and although it is only 1.8 miles long it offers the longest climb in the area.